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We always welcome prospective new members. The joining process is simple but important for both parties - the lodge and the potential new member. Becoming a Freemason isn’t like joining a sports club for a season. It's a long term commitment that requires a strong fit.

First, a couple of the leadership team would meet with you for a casual chat. We’d give you an idea of who we are, what we do and what is expected of all members. Of course you can ask any questions to fill in the many gaps you might have.

Next you’d be invited to our ‘festive board,’ the meal we enjoy after a meeting. Here you’d meet most of the lodge members and get a first hand understanding of our culture.

We do expect prospective members to attend several festive board dinners before committing to an application for membership.

Applying for membership requires the signatures of two current members and if approved at the next lodge meeting, a date will be set for your ‘initiation.’ Expect a 6 - 12 month journey between first contact and your date of initiation.

Lodge Type: Craft 
District: SA - Metropolitan Central 
Meeting: 6.30 pm, Third Friday, Every 2 Months Starting in February

Mr E. R. Hardie
0438 846 298

Care Officer:
Mr Pieter Haverhoek
0417 239 439

Worshipful Master:
Mr Rhett Hardie

Senior Warden:
Mr John Higginson

Junior Warden:
Mr Tony Berekally